About Us

Sciencekafe is committed to raising STEM literacy in Nigerian classrooms. STEM is a way of thinking and it is about the required skills to study science, technology and mathematics, and how engineering and design processes and principles are used to achieve an outcome. At ScienceKafeb we encourage discussions and problem-solving among students, developing both practical skills and appreciation for collaborations.

STEM at ScienceKafe is a different approach to education that concentrates on linking classroom education to the real world. The system helps improve the chances of all individuals going through the school system to have an important role within society. This is because of its inclusive approach that allows all individuals to develop the skills necessary for success in various areas of the labor market.

Our Vision

Among other things is to provide STEM learning materials to rural communities and hard-to-reach places.

Our Mission

We remain commited to raising STEM literacy in Nigerian classrooms, to push STEM education in our local communities, giving every child equal opportunities to learning.

Board Members

Echezona Etiaba. SAN

Legal Practitioner

Cyril Emeka Uzo.


Chinelo Chukwunwike.

Education Practitioner

Chidi Okeke.

Construction, Health, and Safety Practitioner.

Chika Udemba Ugokwe.

Education Practitioner.

Jerome Chimbiko.

Security professional.

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Active engagement of experts from diverse fields will drive change in our society. Such open access to world-class experience is possible only when we combine our knowledge and capabilities.

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The core of our work is based on teamwork and the collaboration of professionals from different disciplines. We'd be glad to have you in the team.

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