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Improving education and vocational training structures is crucial for creating individual prospects and economic growth with sustainable productivity. Sciencekafe is committed to raising STEM literacy in Nigeria, we offer the following subjects both in theory and practical.

. Basic Website Development (Frontend), using HTML, CSS. Three months.
. Advanced Website Development (Backend), using JavaScript, NodeJs, Python. Six months.

. Basic Mobile App Development (Cross-platform), using Flutter, NodeJs. Three months.
. Advanced Mobile App Development (Cross-platform), using Flutter, python, NodeJs, Firebase and more) Six months.

. Data Science: Using MySQL, Excell, Tablaeu, Python. Six months.

. UI/UX Design: Using Canvas, Figma, Adobe and more. Six months.

. Cyber security. Nine months.

. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Nine months.

. Robotics and iOT.

. Digital Marketing and Content Creation. Four months.

Physics | Biology | Chemistry | Maths

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